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2023-08-02On-U In Space @ ON-U Sound. @ 2023-08-021ElectronicaAdrian Sherwood, Lee "Scratch" Perry, African Head Charge, LSK, Creation Rebel - On-U In Space feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry feat. LSK feat. African Head Charge feat. Creation Rebel (Original Mix)7:40
2022-12-02Rapture in Baghdad @ Crammed @ 2022-12-024ElectronicaAdrian Sherwood, Nadjma - Abbasside Beat (Original Mix)2:20
2022-12-02Rapture in Baghdad @ Crammed @ 2022-12-025ElectronicaAdrian Sherwood, Nadjma - Some Day My Caliph Will Come (Original Mix)3:42
2022-12-02Rapture in Baghdad @ Crammed @ 2022-12-026ElectronicaAdrian Sherwood, Nadjma - South of the River Tigris (Original Mix)3:11
2022-12-02Rapture in Baghdad @ Crammed @ 2022-12-027ElectronicaAdrian Sherwood, Nadjma - Ravishment in the Seraglio (Original Mix)3:53
2022-09-23R.A.F.I - Remastered - 25th Anniversary Edition @ X-Ray Production @ 2022-09-2315ElectronicaAdrian Sherwood, Asian Dub Foundation - Naxalite [Bonus] feat. Adrian Sherwood (Mad Scientist Dub Mix)5:05
2022-05-20Pay It All Back Vol. 8 @ ON-U Sound. @ 2022-05-209Dance / Electro PopDaddy Freddy, Pinch, Adrian Sherwood, Ghetto Priest, Jen Jen - We No Normal (Anger Management)2:21
2022-05-20Pay It All Back Vol. 8 @ ON-U Sound. @ 2022-05-2013Dance / Electro PopPinch, Adrian Sherwood, Sherwood & Pinch - Excessive Drinking (Original Mix)2:27
2021-11-23Jouissance (Adrian Sherwood Dub) @ House Anxiety @ 2021-11-231ElectronicaHarvey Sutherland, Adrian Sherwood - Jouissance (Adrian Sherwood On-U Sound "Pure Enjoyment" Dub) (Original Mix)4:49
2021-05-24Enemy of the Enemy - Remastered @ X-Ray Production @ 2021-05-2114Drum & BassAdrian Sherwood, Asian Dub Foundation - Fortress Europe feat. Adrian Sherwood (Adrian Sherwood Dub - Bonus Track)4:09