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2020-10-23Time To Love @ United Music Hits @ 2020-10-231Big RoomJordi Sans, Lorjs - Time To Love (Original Mix)3:38
2020-10-17I Loved A Place @ United Music Hits @ 2020-10-171Big RoomJordi Sans - I Loved A Place (Original Mix)3:22
2020-10-08Only You @ United Music Hits @ 2020-10-071Dance / Electro PopJordi Sans - Only You (Original Mix)3:16
2020-09-26Everything But You (Mikel Quilez Remix) @ United Music Hits @ 2020-09-251Progressive HouseCristina Clea, Jordi Sans, Mikel Quilez - Everything But You (Mikel Quilez Remix)3:34
2020-09-24All Your Fine @ United Music Hits @ 2020-09-231Future HouseJordi Sans - All Your Fine (Original Mix)3:49
2020-08-13Time Machine (Extended Mix) @ United Music Hits @ 2020-08-131Future HouseVan Snyder, Martial Flowz, Jordi Sans - Time Machine (Extended Mix)4:46
2020-08-13Make It Better @ United Music Hits @ 2020-08-131Deep HouseJordi Sans, Erøs - Make It Better (Original Mix)3:02
2020-08-06I Can't Belong You @ United Music Hits @ 2020-08-051Future HouseJordi Sans - I Can't Belong You (Original Mix)3:07
2020-07-04Everything But You (Radio Edit) @ United Music Hits @ 2020-07-031Progressive HouseCristina Clea, Jordi Sans - Everything But You (Radio Edit)3:16
2020-06-25Right, Right, Right @ United Music Hits @ 2020-06-241Future HouseJordi Sans - Right, Right, Right (Original Mix)2:50
2020-05-16Drop That (Radio Edit) @ United Music Hits @ 2020-05-161Electro HouseVan Snyder, Jordi Sans - Drop That (Radio Edit)2:37
2019-10-12Make It Better @ United Music Hits @ 2019-10-111HouseJordi Sans - Make It Better (Original Mix)3:32