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2017-11-18Put Me Down @ Oh So Coy Recordings @ 2017-11-171Deep HouseBeekay Deep, Tidy Daps - Put Me Down (Tidy Daps Remix)6:56
2017-10-28Susan Cries (Remixes) @ Oh So Coy Recordings @ 2017-10-276Deep HouseBang Bang, Tidy Daps - Susan Cries (Tidy Daps Remix)5:59
2017-07-14That Feeling @ Lisztomania Records @ 2017-07-073Deep HouseTidy Daps, Jordan Naumov - That Feeling (Tidy Daps Lotsa Feeling Remix)6:32
2017-06-09That's About It @ Lisztomania Records @ 2017-06-091Deep HouseTidy Daps - That's About It (Original Mix)7:03
2017-06-09That's About It @ Lisztomania Records @ 2017-06-092Deep HouseTidy Daps, Platzdasch, Dix - That's About It (Platzdasch & Dix Remix)7:43
2017-06-09That's About It @ Lisztomania Records @ 2017-06-093Deep HouseTidy Daps, Giorgio Maulini - That's About It (Giorgio Maulini Remix)6:59
2017-06-09That's About It @ Lisztomania Records @ 2017-06-094Deep HouseTidy Daps - Azur (Original Mix)6:46
2017-06-09Deep City Vibes Vol. 38 @ Reflective Music @ 2017-05-225Deep HouseTidy Daps - Something That You (Original Mix)6:38
2016-10-14Consequences @ DOIN' WORK Records @ 2016-10-141Deep HouseTidy Daps - Consequences (Original Mix)6:45
2016-10-14Consequences @ DOIN' WORK Records @ 2016-10-142Deep HouseTidy Daps, Jon Iler, Ludo Mir - Consequences (Jon Iler & Ludo Mir Remix)5:31
2016-10-14Consequences @ DOIN' WORK Records @ 2016-10-143Deep HouseTidy Daps, Damian Handz - Consequences (Damian Handz Remix)5:26
2015-12-28Oh so Coy: mixed by Missred @ Oh So Coy Recordings @ 2015-12-214Deep HouseSoundealers, Tidy Daps - Passing By (Tidy Daps Remix)7:52