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2020-08-01Foli @ Enharmonic Digital @ 2020-08-012Afro HouseAnthony Louis, Alain Diamond - Foli (Anthony Louis Mix)5:25
2020-07-17Cuba @ Milk Records (IT) @ 2020-07-171HouseAnthony Louis - Cuba (Original Mix)5:15
2020-07-13Nothing But... Soulful House Vibes, Vol. 10 @ Nothing But @ 2020-07-1323HouseAnthony Louis, Dr Feelx, Don Ray Mad - Saturday In The Morning (Don Ray Mad Remix)9:02
2020-04-09Infinito @ Milk Records (IT) @ 2020-04-041ElectronicaAnthony Louis - Infinito (Original Mix)4:45
2019-12-06Freakin' Night Club, Vol. 1 @ Urban Gorillaz @ 2019-12-067Big RoomAnthony Louis, Dr. Feelx, S&N Project - Unstable (Original Mix)9:08
2019-11-05What the Music Does (feat. Ali P.) @ Milk Records (IT) @ 2019-11-041HouseAnthony Louis - What the Music Does feat. Ali P. (Original Mix)6:04
2019-10-31What the Music Does (feat. Ali.P.) @ Milk Records (IT) @ 2019-10-301HouseAnthony Louis - What the Music Does feat. Ali.P. (Original Mix)6:04
2019-10-22Something @ Milk Records (IT) @ 2019-10-191HouseAnthony Louis - Something (Original Mix)5:37
2019-07-27Gettin' hot (feat. She) @ Milk Records (IT) @ 2019-07-271HouseAnthony Louis - Gettin' hot feat. She (Original Mix)4:15
2019-07-20Ilegal (feat. B.Chic) @ Milk Records (IT) @ 2019-07-191HouseAnthony Louis - Ilegal feat. B.Chic (Original Mix)4:58
2019-07-20Ilegal (feat. B.Chic) @ Milk Records (IT) @ 2019-07-192HouseAnthony Louis - Ilegal feat. B.Chic (Radio Edit)4:20
2018-04-13Off The Wall @ Armada Music Albums @ 2018-04-137HouseAnthony Louis, Andrea Monta, Wisdome - Off The Wall (Anthony Louis & Andrea Monta Extended Club Mix)6:11
2017-06-27Saturday In The Morning (Don Ray Mad Remix) @ Big Bull Records @ 2017-06-271HouseAnthony Louis, Dr Feelx, Don Ray Mad - Saturday In The Morning (Don Ray Mad Remix)9:02
2016-12-01White Wall (feat. Marsh) @ Milk Records @ 2016-11-301Tech HouseAnthony Louis - White Wall feat. Marsh (Original Mix)4:25
2016-02-12Synthetic Groove, Vol. 1 @ Enharmonic Digital @ 2016-02-127Tech HouseAnthony Louis - Instrumental (Original Mix)6:30
2015-09-25Tech Inspiration, Vol. 3 @ Tainted Music @ 2015-09-251Tech HouseAnthony Louis - Jump (Original Mix)5:59
2015-09-10Tech Inspiration, Vol. 1 @ Tainted Music @ 2015-09-101Tech HouseAnthony Louis - Azimut (Original Mix)6:37
2015-09-10Tech Inspiration, Vol. 1 @ Tainted Music @ 2015-09-103Tech HouseAnthony Louis, Janet DJ, Toni Aiklan - Drama (Anthony Louis Remix)5:35