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2022-08-06Come With Me @ High Five Music @ 2022-08-051Deep HouseDJ Alex Man - Come With Me (Original Mix)3:17
2022-08-05Good Exposure @ High Five Music @ 2022-08-051Deep HouseKIIX - Good Exposure (Original Mix)2:21
2022-07-26Without You @ High Five Music @ 2022-07-221Deep HouseVIVELDI - Without You (Original Mix)2:59
2022-07-22A Flash In The Night @ High Five Music @ 2022-07-221Deep HouseMargad, K-Bagwell - A Flash In The Night (Original Mix)3:15
2022-07-18What Is Love @ High Five Music @ 2022-07-151Deep HouseDJ Alex Man - What Is Love (Original Mix)2:30
2022-07-18Motley Crew @ High Five Music @ 2022-07-151Deep HouseSkiezz - Motley Crew (Original Mix)2:23
2022-07-18I Am Falling @ High Five Music @ 2022-07-081Deep HouseIvan Crooks - I Am Falling (Original Mix)2:25
2022-07-18Superman @ High Five Music @ 2022-06-281Deep HouseMUPHUS - Superman (Original Mix)1:55
2022-02-04Pieces (The Remixes) @ High Five Music @ 2022-02-041Deep HouseVelo James - Pieces (VIP Mix)2:28
2022-02-04Pieces (The Remixes) @ High Five Music @ 2022-02-045Deep HouseVelo James - Pieces (Lux Remix)2:06
2022-02-04Pieces (The Remixes) @ High Five Music @ 2022-02-046Deep HouseVelo James - Pieces (Raver James Remix)2:27
2022-02-04Pieces (The Remixes) @ High Five Music @ 2022-02-047Deep HouseVelo James - Pieces (Sean Alexi Remix)2:34
2022-02-04I Feel Like @ High Five Music @ 2022-02-031Deep HouseRVNDRIVE - I Feel Like (Original Mix)3:02
2022-01-14Maybe It's Love @ High Five Music @ 2022-01-141Deep HouseMASA, Faithroze - Maybe It's Love (Original Mix)2:57
2022-01-12Anywhere We Go (Weston & Teston Remix) @ High Five Music @ 2022-01-121Deep HouseCody Dube - Anywhere We Go (Weston & Teston Remix)2:55
2022-01-06Make Me @ High Five Music @ 2022-01-061Deep HouseMarco Bres - Make Me (Original Mix)2:38
2022-01-04Can't Be (Without You) @ High Five Music @ 2022-01-041Deep HouseAlan Shepard - Can't Be (Without You) (Original Mix)2:56
2022-01-01All i Need @ High Five Music @ 2021-12-141Deep HouseMatt Dybal - All i Need (Original Mix)2:39
2021-12-22Stay With Me @ High Five Music @ 2021-12-221Deep HouseAirbass - Stay With Me (Original Mix)2:54
2021-12-12Feelings @ High Five Music @ 2021-12-101Deep HouseMixo - Feelings (Original Mix)2:35
2021-12-01Faster @ High Five Music @ 2021-12-011Deep HouseRakFrid - Faster (Original Mix)3:36
2021-09-21Doesn't Matter @ High Five Music @ 2021-09-211Deep HouseGOKO - Doesn't Matter (Original Mix)3:58
2021-09-03Oh Baby (It's Love) @ High Five Music @ 2021-09-031Deep HouseCLAASSEN - Oh Baby (It's Love) (Original Mix)3:18
2021-01-30Retake @ High Five Music @ 2021-01-291Deep HouseRakFrid - Retake (Original Mix)4:08
2021-01-23Never Let You Go @ High Five Music @ 2021-01-221Deep HouseRenzo Monteleone - Never Let You Go (Original Mix)2:52
2019-05-17Voices In My Head @ High Five Music @ 2019-05-171Deep HouseDkuul - Voices In My Head (Extended Mix)4:07
2019-05-17Voices In My Head @ High Five Music @ 2019-05-172Deep HouseDkuul - Voices In My Head (Radio Mix)3:08