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2017-11-16The Top @ DNZ Records @ 2017-11-161Hard DanceExtreme, Donk - The Top (Original Mix)4:57
2017-11-15Honey @ DNZ Records @ 2017-11-151Hard DanceDJ Oskar, Sergio Caubal, Katherine Ellis - Honey (Original Mix)7:08
2017-11-14I'm In Love @ DNZ Records @ 2017-11-141Hard DanceDrake Liddell - I'm In Love (Original Mix)5:49
2017-11-09Taking Me Back @ DNZ Records @ 2017-11-091Hard DanceNaughty Q - Taking Me Back (Original Mix)4:48
2017-11-08Get It @ DNZ Records @ 2017-11-081Hard DanceDJ Bass, Tamra K. - Get It (Original Mix)6:31
2017-11-08Get It @ DNZ Records @ 2017-11-082Hard DanceDJ Bass, Tamra K. - Get It (Bounce Enforcerz Remix)6:53
2017-11-08Get It @ DNZ Records @ 2017-11-083Hard DanceDJ Bass, Tamra K. - Get It (Drake Liddell Remix)6:01
2017-11-07Nobody @ DNZ Records @ 2017-11-071Hard DanceAnt Garbe - Nobody (Original Mix)7:14
2017-11-01I Want To Love You @ DNZ Records @ 2017-11-021Hard DanceBounce Enforcerz - I Want To Love You (Original Mix)5:41
2017-11-01Musicón E.P. @ DNZ Records @ 2017-11-011Hard DanceMiky One, DJ Kino - Where Did You Go (Original Mix)6:45
2017-11-01Musicón E.P. @ DNZ Records @ 2017-11-012Hard DanceMiky One, DJ Kino - Music-On (Original Mix)7:07
2017-11-01Maasai @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-311Hard DanceRob Iyf, Tim-E - Maasai (Original Mix)3:48
2017-11-01Maasai @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-312Hard DanceRob Iyf, Tim-E - Maasai (150 Edit)4:19
2017-10-26Guilty @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-261Hard DanceKlubbtrax - Guilty (Original Mix)6:32
2017-10-25Sleeping In My Car @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-251Hard DanceDJ Oskar, Shannon - Sleeping In My Car (Original Mix)6:06
2017-10-19About Us @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-191Hard DanceBounce Enforcerz - About Us (Original Mix)7:52
2017-10-19About Us @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-192Hard DanceDJ Oskar, Bounce Enforcerz - About Us (DJ Oskar Remix)7:00
2017-10-18Call Me @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-181Hard DanceDJ Neos - Call Me (Original Mix)5:54
2017-10-17Another Jump @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-171Hard DanceTencini - Another Jump (Original Mix)6:39
2017-10-12Reunited @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-121Hard DanceRaul Arribas - Reunited (Original Mix)6:46
2017-10-11Forgotten Grounds @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-111TranceNorex - Forgotten Grounds (Original Mix)6:58
2017-10-11Forgotten Grounds @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-112TranceNorex - Forgotten Grounds (Dub Mix)6:58
2017-10-06'Cause I @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-051Hard DanceDj Muela, Pakore DJ - 'Cause I (Original Mix)6:05
2017-10-04Believe In Love @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-041Hard DanceBen G - Believe In Love (Original Mix)6:21
2017-10-04Believe In Love @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-042Hard DanceDJ Oskar, Ben G - Believe In Love (DJ Oskar Remix)6:48
2017-10-03See My Eclipse @ DNZ Records @ 2017-10-031Hard DanceGibby - See My Eclipse (Original Mix)5:29
2017-09-28Intercity @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-281Hard DanceDrake Liddell - Intercity (Original Mix)5:36
2017-09-27Under Your Control @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-271Hard DanceBounce Enforcerz - Under Your Control (Original Mix)7:06
2017-09-27Under Your Control @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-272Hard DanceDJ Oskar, Bounce Enforcerz - Under Your Control (DJ Oskar Remix)6:59
2017-09-26Keep On Movin @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-261Hard DanceBaz - Keep On Movin (Original Mix)5:01
2017-09-26Keep On Movin @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-262Hard DanceBaz, Drake Liddell - Keep On Movin (Drake Liddell Remix)5:22
2017-09-20Son Of A Gun (Bounce Enforcerz Remix) @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-201Hard DanceBounce Enforcerz, Ant Garbe - Son Of A Gun (Bounce Enforcerz Remix)6:21
2017-09-19Don't Let Go @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-191Hard DanceJordi Bump - Don't Let Go (Original Mix)5:40
2017-09-18Are U Ready @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-181Hard DanceDJ Kino, Irra Dj, Miky One DJ - Are U Ready (Original Mix)5:32
2017-09-14In My Life (Poomstyles Remix) @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-141Hard DanceDJ Oskar, PoomStyles, Rachel - In My Life (Poomstyles Remix)7:01
2017-09-13Life @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-131Hard DanceRaul Arribas - Life (Original Mix)6:43
2017-09-12Heart & Soul (Bounce Enforcerz Remix) @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-121Hard DanceDJ Oskar, Bounce Enforcerz, Alex Coppola - Heart & Soul (Bounce Enforcerz Remix)6:07
2017-09-07Dance For Your Life (Jaime Guerrero & J. JBlack Remix) @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-071Hard DanceJaime Guerrero, Raul Arribas, J. JBlack - Dance For Your Life (Jaime Guerrero & J. JBlack Remix)6:47
2017-09-06How Am I @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-061Hard DanceA-Side - How Am I (Original Mix)6:59
2017-09-06How Am I @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-062Hard DanceDancelord, A-Side - How Am I (Dancelord Remix)5:42
2017-09-04In The Moment (Bounce Enforcerz Remix) @ DNZ Records @ 2017-09-041Hard DanceDJ Bass, Bounce Enforcerz - In The Moment (Bounce Enforcerz Remix)6:21
2017-08-31Surface Blaster @ DNZ Records @ 2017-08-311Hard DanceSwonikz - Surface Blaster (Original Mix)3:42
2017-08-30Lifting (Bounce Enforcerz Remix) @ DNZ Records @ 2017-08-301Hard DanceBounce Enforcerz, DEEKAY - Lifting (Bounce Enforcerz Remix)7:12
2017-08-29Son Of A Gun (Ant Garbe & Mark Simon 2017 Rework) @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-281Hard DanceMark Simon, Ant Garbe - Son Of A Gun (Ant Garbe & Mark Simon 2017 Remix)6:38
2017-08-28Pump It! @ DNZ Records @ 2017-08-291Hard DanceIsaac Sanchez, DJ Navas - Pump It! (Original Mix)6:06
2017-08-23Tell Me @ DNZ Records @ 2017-08-231Hard DanceTribute Vocals - Tell Me (Original Mix)5:53
2017-08-22Bomba @ DNZ Records @ 2017-08-221Hard DanceDJ Benchuscoro - Bomba (Radio Edit)3:34
2017-08-22Bomba @ DNZ Records @ 2017-08-222Hard DanceDJ Benchuscoro - Bomba (Original Mix)5:19
2017-08-10Promises @ DNZ Records @ 2017-08-101TranceViewtifulday, Norex - Promises (Original Mix)6:27
2017-08-09Move Right Now @ DNZ Records @ 2017-08-091Hard DanceRaul Arribas - Move Right Now (Original Mix)7:01
2017-08-03When You're Looking Like That @ DNZ Records @ 2017-08-031Hard DanceJordi Bump - When You're Looking Like That (Original Mix)6:33
2017-08-02Dance For Your Life @ DNZ Records @ 2017-08-021Hard DanceRaul Arribas - Dance For Your Life (Original Mix)6:32
2017-07-27Tears From Falling @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-271Hard DanceDrake Liddell - Tears From Falling (Original Mix)5:40
2017-07-26It's My Party @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-261Hard DanceDj Moix - It's My Party (Original Mix)6:07
2017-07-25Promise Me @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-251Hard DanceBounce Enforcerz - Promise Me (Original Mix)6:21
2017-07-21Come On! @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-211Hard DanceRafa DJ - Come On! (Original Mix)5:23
2017-07-19Stimulated (Take Me) @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-191Hard DanceDJ Oskar, Laura, DJ Fitzy, Rossy B - Stimulated (Take Me) (DJ Oskar Remix)6:09
2017-07-19Stimulated (Take Me) @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-192Hard DanceJJ, Laura, DJ Fitzy, Rossy B - Stimulated (Take Me) (JJ Remix)6:03
2017-07-18I Believe @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-181Hard DanceChemistry Connection - I Believe (Original Mix)6:32
2017-07-14Soulja Bounce @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-141Hard DanceDrake Liddell - Soulja Bounce (Original Mix)6:04
2017-07-13Yours Tonight @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-131Hard DanceDJ Mitchy - Yours Tonight (Original Mix)6:45
2017-07-12Levitation @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-121Hard DanceCentral Sound - Levitation (Original Mix)3:34
2017-07-11Let The Music Play @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-111Hard DanceDrake Liddell - Let The Music Play (Original Mix)5:39
2017-07-06Cocaina @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-061Hard DanceIrra Dj, Dj Moix - Cocaina (Original Mix)5:55
2017-07-05Gimme More @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-051Hard DanceJumpin Jack, Leah - Gimme More (Original Mix)6:31
2017-07-05Gimme More @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-052Hard DanceJumpin Jack, Leah - Gimme More (Dub Mix)6:31
2017-07-05Gimme More @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-053Hard DanceJumpin Jack, Buzzed, Leah - Gimme More (Buzzed Remix)6:55
2017-07-05Gimme More @ DNZ Records @ 2017-07-054Hard DanceJumpin Jack, Bounce Enforcerz, Leah - Gimme More (Bounce Enforcerz Remix)7:26
2017-06-29Make You Mine @ DNZ Records @ 2017-06-291Hard DanceGibby - Make You Mine (Original Mix)6:32
2017-06-28Broken Hearts @ DNZ Records @ 2017-06-281Hard DanceIrra Dj, DJ Justo - Broken Hearts (Original Mix)6:09
2017-06-22In & Out @ DNZ Records @ 2017-06-221Hard DanceJordi Bump - In & Out (Original Mix)6:02
2017-06-21Be The Cure @ DNZ Records @ 2017-06-211Hard DanceBounce Enforcerz - Be The Cure (Original Mix)7:09
2017-06-21Be The Cure @ DNZ Records @ 2017-06-212Hard DanceDJ Oskar, Bounce Enforcerz - Be The Cure (DJ Oskar Remix)6:31
2017-06-20Be Without You @ DNZ Records @ 2017-06-201Hard DanceAndy M - Be Without You (Original Mix)6:33
2017-06-15On My Way @ DNZ Records @ 2017-06-151Hard DanceBounce Enforcerz, Stoker - On My Way (Original Mix)6:47
2017-06-14Love Song @ DNZ Records @ 2017-06-141Hard DanceRaul Arribas - Love Song (Original Mix)6:20
2017-06-13Lonely (Jumpin Jack Remix) @ DNZ Records @ 2017-06-131Hard DanceDJ Oskar, Jumpin Jack, Bounce Enforcerz - Lonely (Jumpin Jack Remix)6:09
2017-06-08Dragonfly @ DNZ Records @ 2017-06-081TranceDJ Navas - Dragonfly (Original Mix)5:31
2017-06-03Illusion @ DNZ Records @ 2017-06-021Hard DanceBen G - Illusion (Original Mix)5:57
2017-06-01Don't Be So Hard @ DNZ Records @ 2017-06-011Hard DanceDj Nillos - Don't Be So Hard (Original Mix)6:11
2017-05-31Beat Bangs @ DNZ Records @ 2017-05-311Hard DanceJuan Ruiz - Beat Bangs (Original Mix)6:05
2017-05-25Mr White @ DNZ Records @ 2017-05-251Hard DanceBeat Bangers - Mr White (Original Mix)5:58
2017-05-24Lonely @ DNZ Records @ 2017-05-241Hard DanceDJ Oskar, Bounce Enforcerz - Lonely (Bounce Enforcerz Mix)6:55
2017-05-24Lonely @ DNZ Records @ 2017-05-242Hard DanceDJ Oskar, Bounce Enforcerz - Lonely (DJ Oskar Mix)6:32
2017-05-18My Dreams @ DNZ Records @ 2017-05-181Hard DanceBrad Riffresh - My Dreams (Original Mix)5:04
2017-05-03Bury Me @ DNZ Records @ 2017-05-031Hard DanceBuzzed - Bury Me (Original Mix)6:59
2017-05-03Bury Me @ DNZ Records @ 2017-05-032Hard DanceDJ Oskar, Buzzed - Bury Me (DJ Oskar Remix)6:30
2017-05-02I'm In Love @ DNZ Records @ 2017-05-021Hard DanceDarktosh - I'm In Love (Original Mix)5:54
2017-04-27Back To Hard House @ DNZ Records @ 2017-04-271Hard DanceT'Vere Club Djs - Back To Hard House (Original Mix)6:02
2017-04-26By Your Side @ DNZ Records @ 2017-04-261Hard DanceRaul Arribas - By Your Side (Original Mix)6:34
2017-04-25Coming On Strong @ DNZ Records @ 2017-04-251Hard DanceBen G - Coming On Strong (Original Mix)6:56
2017-04-25Coming On Strong @ DNZ Records @ 2017-04-252Hard DanceBen G - Coming On Strong (Bounce Mix)6:56
2017-04-20Control @ DNZ Records @ 2017-04-201Hard DanceJumpin Jack - Control (Original Mix)5:42
2017-04-19Free @ DNZ Records @ 2017-04-191Hard DanceBuzzed - Free (Original Mix)6:55
2017-04-18Lights Go Out @ DNZ Records @ 2017-04-181Hard DanceAndres Ballesteros - Lights Go Out (Original Mix)6:33
2017-04-14Freeze You Out @ DNZ Records @ 2017-04-131Hard DanceDJ Oskar - Freeze You Out (Original Mix)5:53
2017-04-14Together Forever @ DNZ Records @ 2017-04-121Hard DanceJumpin Jack - Together Forever (Original Mix)6:19
2017-04-11Outside World @ DNZ Records @ 2017-04-111Hard DanceBounce Enforcerz - Outside World (Original Mix)6:46
2017-04-05Make Some Noise @ DNZ Records @ 2017-04-051Hard DanceRaul Arribas, Yannick Esquefa - Make Some Noise (Original Mix)6:54
2017-03-31Want This & That! @ DNZ Records @ 2017-03-301Hard DanceJumpin Jack - Want This & That! (Original Mix)5:43